Piperfield Wines 5k Verdelho, Lodi, CA

10k_verdelho_bottle1-246x772Hi, it’s me, your Absent Wine Blogger. So here are my most recent excuses for not posting:
• It’s too hot to write – ok, this one is a little weak since I’m sitting in the AC.
• I’m too tired to write – this does have some truth in it, since I’m full-time again.
• I’m too brain dead after work to write – Yep, that is for sure.
• I don’t have enough new wines to try to write about – bingo, that’s a big one.
So maybe it’s a combo of all of the above or maybe I’ve just really lost my mojo, my inspiration, my muse… Nah, it’s the above!

So anyway, here I am, I think the last time I posted was in June when our AC went out. I remember when August arrived and all I could think was let’s just fast-forward through this month and onto September. I’m tired of the heat, the humidity and the lack of rain. This summer sucked as far as I’m concerned and I couldn’t wait for the cooler temps that September would surely bring.

Then why the hell is it still so unbearable and it’s the first day of fall. I’m started to wonder if we’re just going to skip over my favorite season and just land in winter. Cue the sigh…

Ok, I guess that just gives me a little longer to sit on the porch, with the fan on high and drink some white wines. Recently I received a sample of Piperfield Wines 5k Verdelho, Lodi, CA. I have to admit, I wasn’t very familiar with the Verdelho grape, so this was a first for me.

Aromas of mango, peach and a hint of lush pineapple. Flavors of succulent peach, hint of melon and citrus fruits with a nice crisp finish. Too bad it was so warm outside, the wine in the glass kept warming up too.

Appellation: Lodi, Ca.
Harvest: aug 15, 2014
Brix: 24
Ph: 3.35
Alcohol: 13.5%

The Verdelho grapes originate from Madeira Portugal and are now grown on 4 acres on Terminous Island, located in the California Delta. The island has the distinction of being the last island on the western edge of the Lodi Appellation. Peat-rich soil, warm summer days and cool evenings help the Verdelho grapes flourish. There are just 3 vineyards in the US currently growing this special variety.

I love wines I can feel good about. Piperfield Wines is the result of a 30-year friendship between two former waitresses whose love of wine and “balance” inspired their 5k and 1k wines. Five percent of all profits from wine sales go to local small charities. If you’d like to submit a cause you support, check out their Grateful Grapes program.

I’m crossing fingers I see cooler temps soon. I mean a break from upper 80’s would be a plus at this point. I’m hitting the Dale Chihuly Exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this weekend. Stay tuned as I may just post some pics!


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