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Apothic Dark

You’re alone driving in a strange down when you take a wrong turn and found yourself hopelessly lost. You turn around trying to find your way back but you get further and further away from anything. Every turn seems to … Continue reading

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Chianti Days are Upon Us

Ok, so Chianti Days isn’t really a thing but I always seem to enjoy Chianti when the temps are cooler. Maybe it’s because it lends itself so beautifully to the hearty dishes of fall and winter, maybe it’s because my wine … Continue reading

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Simply… Fresh Food Basil Compound Butter & Herb Mustard Vinaigrette

Tomorrow morning temps in NE Georgia will be in the upper 30’s. Too cold to risk keeping the basil outside any longer. I decided to replant two of the basil plants and try growing them inside over the winter. But … Continue reading

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Simply…Fresh Food Basil Pesto

Fall has taken its sweet time arriving to NE Georgia but looking at the forecast for the next 10 dyas, it’s finally arrived. Temps below 45 degrees damage the leaves and it looks like we’re going to be in the … Continue reading

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Big Changes Ahead for Wine Chicks Guide

I’ve lost my Wojo. What’s Wojo you ask? It’s a word I just this moment made up, it’s my wine mojo. I still love wine, hell I’m pretty sure the red stuff that runs through my veins is mostly blood … Continue reading

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