Toad Hollow 2016 Dry Rosé of Pinot Noir – Eye of the Toad

As much as I’m in denial, the time for sitting on the porch while sipping wine has arrived. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sitting on the porch, relaxing in our rocking chairs, watching the birds, or the bats (depending on time of day) but I still feel like Old Man Winter missed visiting my house this year.

All the same, I was delighted to find a sample of Toad Hollow’s Eye of the Toad in my wine mailbox. Anyone who’s been a long-time reader knows I adore the Toad Hollow wines and the story behind them. If you’re looking for one of those Rosé wines that come in a carafe, this isn’t it. I will confess to buying that carafe wine in my early 20’s but I really just wanted to carafe. Anyway, Eye of the Toad is a more sophisticated wine

Fruity peach and honeysuckle on the nose. Flavors of peach nectar, rose and strawberry rounded out with a dry acidic finish.

Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir Alcohol: 11.5% TA: 0.66 g/100ml pH: 3.49 RS: .0.21% SRP  – $14.99

Toad Hollow was one of the first wineries in the US to make a dry Rosé and may have helped push the Rosé wines from the red-headed step-child of wines to a very respected member of the family.

I’ve covered the story and the men behind Toad Hollow many times. If you’re not familiar with their history, click here.

Now for something new. Did you know you can join the Toad Hollow wine club? Not only will they send wines directly to you, they’re affordable too. Eye of the Toad just happens to be one of the featured wines this month along with Amplexus Crémant Brut Sparkling Wine, I love this sparkling wine and 2015 Richard McDowell Selection Merlot, a wine in which I’m not familiar.

Breakdown of the memberships:

BASIC                        1 bottle each of 3 featured wines        3 bottles total    $38.37
DOUBLE DOWN    2 bottles each of 3 featured wines      6 bottles total    $76.74
JACKPOT                 4 bottles each of 3 featured wines      12 bottles total  $153.51

I think it’s time I joined a wine club again and I think this may be the one.

I guess Winter hasn’t quite given up his grip. We saw some wicked weather come through earlier this week as Spring and Winter collided. High winds, golf ball sized hail, thunder and lighting. It was quite a show that my husband and I witnessed on the porch, sipping wine in our rocking chairs until the winds picked up and the storm passed over our house. It was better than a Fourth of July fireworks show. I guess you’d say, we’re hardcore.

As always, cheers to Toad and Badger!


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