Cheese Glorious Cheese

Ah cheese, pairs well with wine and pretty tasty on it’s own. Check here often for an array of cheeses I find irresistible.

I don’t have a local cheese shop so I find most of my cheese at Whole Foods. Below are a few of my recent finds.

Bellavitano Espresso Sartori – $16.99/lb – Whole Foods
Hand rubbed Espresso brings a robust flavor to the nutty and decadent flavor to the cheese.


LeDélice de Bourgone 11.99/lb –Trader Joe’s
A French cow’s milk cheese from the Burgundy region of France. The cheese is rich and creamy with a pungent aroma. The cheese owes its creamy texture to the process where cream is added twice to the milk.


Bucherondin Goat $18.99/lb – Whole Foods
A bloomy, tangy French goat cheese native to the Loire Valley in France. Semi-soft the center is the texture of traditional goat cheese while the edge is soft and creamy.


Sartori Rosemary Asiago $16.99/lb – Whole Foods
Dry, semi-hard cheese with robust, round nutty flavor. The rosemary is faint but adds a bit of savory to the cheese.



2 Responses to Cheese Glorious Cheese

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  2. She says: Thanks for the list of new cheese to try. Found a new Gouda made from goat cheese yesterday (at Costo of all places) You might enjoy our christmas cheese post – our “Cheeses for Jesus” clebration. haha…

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