Apothic Dark

BonaventureYou’re alone driving in a strange down when you take a wrong turn and found yourself hopelessly lost. You turn around trying to find your way back but you get further and further away from anything. Every turn seems to take you deeper into darkness, no street lights, old abandoned fields and by the old steps leading to nothing but weeds and the occasional chimney, now standing alone, this once was a thriving area.

You continue driving with no signal on your phone and your GPS stopped working as soon as you left the main road. You see a single house raised slightly above the road. You park in front of the steps and walk step by step up to the ragged porch. An uneasy feeling washes over you and you know you should run in the opposite direction yet something continues to draw you to the front door.

Hesitantly you walk up the old gray wooden porch steps sagging from years of neglect. The porch is overrun with old vines and cobwebs. Slowly you knock on the door, your heart pounding and fear is starting to take hold. You peer into the dirty and dark windows looking for any sign of life when you catch a streak of white out of the corner of your eye. You hear heavy foot falls from behind you. Gripped with fear you turn to see who’s approaching then you see it…

BOO!!! Did I scare you? Oh, you probably have the lights on don’t you. Well there’s no longer any reason to be afraid of the dark, not when it comes to this week’s wine anyway, Apothic Dark.

When I was a kid I was almost as excited about the approach of Halloween as Christmas or my birthday. Something about ghosts, haunted houses, witches, black cats and things that go bump in the night drew me in and still do. I’m also a little obsessed with cemeteries but have to be careful nothing follows me home, if you know what I mean.

My love for Halloween and spooky things followed me into adulthood. I don’t get dressed up now unless going to a party but I do wear a set of cat ears and paint whiskers on my face, even though we don’t have a single Trick or Treater on my road. Aside from decorating my house, I always seek out some yummy and spooky looking wine for Halloween night. This year it’s Apothic Dark.

1334Aromas of dark plum and black cherry. Medium to full bodied with firm tannins, lush black cherry, vanilla bean and a hint of mocha in the smooth finish. Truly a delightful wine.

A limited release I found this at BJ’s Wholesale Club for around $8. I have to say it is one of my best recent wine fines for under $10 in sometime. I picked up two bottles but now wishing I’d purchased more.

From the Apothic website:
Combining Old World mystery with New World sophistication, Apothic is a true original. Named for the mysterious place, Apotheca, where vintners stored their most coveted concoctions in 13th century Europe, Apothic blends fuse Old World intrigue with modern sophistication. Winemaker Boyd Morrison lets the character and flavor of each varietal guide the shape of his blends.

Winemaker Debbie Juergenson crafts Apothic wines by blending distinctive California grapes, allowing the characteristics of each varietal to give shape to the wine.

leg 1This year I’ve got a few anomalies in photos. The first was in May after our rooster, the chicken, not the dog, attacked me and hit an artery. I was taking photos to send to my husband to show what a mean bird he really is and caught a strange light. I took the photos in three different rooms and the same light is in all photos. I’ve taken 1000’s of pictures with this phone and this is the first time something like this appeared. If anyone has any answers for what that is other than a spirit, let me know. I did send the three pics to someone who is an armature paranormal investigator and her response was, “holy shit Kellie, there’s something there.”

1219More recently was on a trip to Savannah and dinner at The Olde Pink House. We were in the downstairs bar, lit only by candlelight. I ordered the She Crab soup and took a picture. Later when we returned home I uploaded the photos to my PC and found this same light. I think it was checking out my soup, which by the way was delicious.

Happy Halloween!


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