Eden Ridge Chardonnay and Eden Ridge Red Blend

I swear it’s been July for at least four weeks now! At least it’s felt like July or maybe evenEden Ridge August. On Saturday my area hit 98 degrees. It’s not supposed to be that hot, not yet! I also learned this past weekend that Liquid Nails melts in high temps. My latest garden art project was holding fine earlier in the week but on Sunday fell apart. All the glue had melted.

We did however get a break two weeks ago; well I guess it depends on how you look at that break. Friday night just before bed, I thought either I’m getting the wine sweats or the AC isn’t working. Sure enough, just warm air coming out of the vents. Next day we realized the fan in the outside unit wasn’t turning. We were able to “kick start” it a few times but this was futile. Every time the air kicked off, we had to go “kick start” it again, until finally even that didn’t work.

Two lucky things happened here. One, is my husband is amazing around the house and after doing some research and a few You Tube videos came to the conclusion it was the capacitor, which I will here out refer to as the flux capacitor! Well, turns out it’s a $16 part which can be ordered off Amazon with free two-day delivery. The other lucky break, a drop in temps and humidity which allowed us to leave the windows open and not swelter until the part arrived.

Since then, we’ve been confined to doing our wine drinking in the nice air conditioned living room. But that’s ok, the wine is good and so is the company.

Some recent wine samples I received include Eden Ridge 2013 Chardonnay Barrel Select and Eden Ridge 2013 Red Blend

Eden Ridge 2013 Chardonnay Barrel Select
Aromas of apple and tropical fruits. First sip was a little buttery but more like creamy Hyacinthbutterscotch, then a semi sweet lychee fruit flavor rounded out by peach and pineapple. SRP – under $11.
We were able to enjoy this wine on the porch during are cooler temps. It was nice to look at the process the gardens have taken and watch my Dollar Tree pinwheels spin in the breeze.Gardens from Front Porch

Gardens from Front Porch 2






Eden Ridge 2013 Red Blend Barrel Select
Plum and blackberry aromas. Juicy ripe strawberry and blackberry flavors. Finish is a hint of vanilla and spice.
Easy sipping after the hottest day of the year as we reached 98. We spent the morning at New Echota, the first Cherokee National Capital. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend. It’s not expensive and has a lot of historical buildings and information.


Well folks, Fourth of July is just around the corner. Grab some burgers, hot dogs, apple pie and watermelon. And don’t forget the wine!



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