New Year’s Transformation Bathroom DIY

We all know the New Year is a time for change and a time when most people set about

Metal pan from Tractor Supply

Metal pan from Tractor Supply

making changes to their bodies, habits and attitudes, at least for the first couple of hours anyway. But why limit the changes to just your person, what about transforming the one thing that says the most about you and your family; your home.

Since moving into our home four years ago we’ve had constant projects as we bring our home out of the 1970’s and give it a more updated even if sometimes rustic, comfortable feel. We tackled the half paneling that covered the walls in the living room, dining room and hallway shortly

Great-grandfather's tools

Great-grandfather’s tools

after moving in and applied fresh coats of paint. We then completed a full, and slightly nightmarish, renovation on our master bathroom and a remodel on our half bath. Over the past two years, I knew the color for the half bath wasn’t quite right and this weekend we completely transformed that bath into a rustic “farm” bath and we love the changes.

Repurposed tin candle holder

Repurposed tin candle holder

I like things that aren’t mass manufactured or mainstream and if you’ve been reading my blog you know my husband and I enjoy making things ourselves. After trying a few different ideas for a sink we settled on a shallow metal pan we picked up at Tractor Supply. I knew I wanted a rustic feel for the faucets so my husband picked up some copper pipes, outdoor faucets and got out his soldering tools. The vanity was handmade and stained by my husband, plumbing hooked up, fresh paint on walls and a few old tools once belonging to my great-grandfather for décor and we were in business.

We replaced the toilet paper holder and towel holder just a couple of years prior but I knew I wanted something that would fit into the rustic décor. So down came the old but still new fixtures (those will be used in our upstairs guest bath) and up went a primitive looking peg rack that I brought with us from Tampa but was still just lying on the floor of the guest room. Then for the paper holder my husband used pieces of the leftover copper pipe and soldered a totally original TP holder.

Want to know where we got the idea? I placed an egg basket that once belonged to my

Great-grandmother's egg basket and washboard

Great-grandmother’s egg basket and washboard

great-grandmother in the bathroom for TP and flour sack towels. Yes, that simple placing of an old repurposed basket is what set this ball in motion.

I know you’re asking “Kellie, what does this have to


do with wine?” and my answer, “Nothing, but it has everything to do with making something your own and you never know where the inspiration will come from.”




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