Skinnygirl® California Red Blend –Diet Wines Don’t Make Sense

Welcome to 2015! Did you make any resolutions? This year I resolved not to make any

Found image doing an online search. Giving credit to Mother's Kitchen blog.

Found image doing an online search. Giving credit to Mother’s Kitchen blog.

resolutions. Each year I have 5 or so things I’d like to make happen, change, etc. Each year they never happen, leaving me to feel like a failure. So this year I’m just going to implement a few changes I’d like to see in my life. One is to drink less wine, yes my beloved, you are full of empty calories that do nothing but stick to my hips, stomach and butt. Not only will cutting down help my waistline but my wallet too. Oh but how I do love to sit and catch up with my husband each evening while listening to music, wine glass in hand. But wait! They make diet wine now, I mean lite wine, right? That Skinnygirl® stuff, I must rush out and buy a case now. Well, maybe I should start with just one bottle.

Aromas of musty berries, well that’s a little bit of a put off. Maybe I’m just being judgmental, sniff, sniff. No, that’s a very musty aroma. First sip ACK! Strawberry flavored sweet, very sweet, tea. I’m just being harsh; another sip and another, and another. No, strawberry flavored artificially sweetened, sweet tea. I don’t like sweet tea and I do not like this wine. For $13 it should have some redeeming qualities but I can’t find a single one. We didn’t even finish the glass. Down the drain it went.

Following the success of her Skinny Girl Margarita, reality TV star, Bethany Frankel, (now there’s a reason to rush right out and buy this wine, I say in my most sarcastic voice) released four new wines under the Skinny Girl label. I was puzzled by this low calorie wine concept. Calories in wine come from the alcohol, which is derived from sugars in the grapes, or added sugars. These sugars are not always present in the end product as they’ve been turned into alcohol. Ah, I think I’m on to something here; the alcohol content of Skinny Girl wines is just 10%. I’ve had beers that contain more alcohol. So if each 5 ounce pour of Skinny Girl is 100 calories and the average 5 ounce wine pour of other wines has less than 125 calories, what’s the point? Stick with the good stuff.

Did I mention this is the brain child of reality TV star, Bethany Frankel? I truly think the wine is marketed to female wine drinkers who aren’t wine drinkers. College girls, forty-somethings who just want to get out of the house for a girls night but not true wine drinkers. Sorry gals, but this wine is nothing but a big fat zero.

Freezing cold day here in NE Georgia, seems like a good day to get the turkey carcass out of the freezer and make some stock. Tonight’s dinner menu; slow cooked pork steaks with mashed potatoes and roasted cauliflower. Nice winter comfort food. Stay warm!



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