Ferrari Rosé NV with Neapolitan Pizza and Veal Cutlet Recipes

Love is in the air everywhere I look around
Love is in the air every sight and every sound

John Paul Jones’1977 Disco hit Love is in the Air is stuck in my head. Not only for the

Neapolitan Pizza with Ferrari Rosé
Neapolitan Pizza with Ferrari Rosé

obvious reason with Valentine’s Day next week but also because of Friday’s Sochi Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Don’t get the connection? It was the song played at the 2000 Sydney Olympics at the Closing Ceremonies. Every time I hear the song, I think of the Olympians walking around the track waving flags and showing off their winning medals. Click here to listen and see the video. If it gets stuck in your head, well I apologize.Ok, enough of that. I’m not into candy or chocolate hearts, flowers that look half dead and cost a fortune or even loads of jewelry, well maybe a bauble or two would be nice. But if you’re looking for something that is affordable pick up a bottle of Ferrari Rosé sparkling wine in the form of a mini 375-ML. You know me, I’ll open a bottle of bubbly just because it’s a Wednesday but last night I had the pleasure of sampling a great Italian sparkler.

Rose colored with tiny effervescence. Hints of redcurrant and bread on the nose. Tart citrus on the front followed by delicate strawberry and almond flavors. The wine is dry with a clean mouthfeel. My husband who is not a fan of sparkling wine even enjoyed this one. Too bad I wasn’t willing to share my mini with him.

Varietal – 60% Pinot Nero, 40% Chardonnay
Region – Trento DOC Italy
Maturation length – Several years on selected Ferrari’s yeast cultures
Alcohol – 12.5%
ARV – $16 for .375ML

Established in 1902 by Giulio Ferrari, Ferrari is Northern Italy’s leading producer of Metodo Classico, (traditional Champagne method) wines. Ferrari learned winemaking after studying in France. Returning to Trentino he had a goal of producing world class sparkling wines. He is responsible for bringing the first Chardonnay vines to Italy and his efforts paid off in the form of accolades and numerous awards.

Purchased by the Lunelli family in 1952 the winery is now led by third generation Lunelli family with Camilla Lunelli as the winery’s first female director in charge of PR and communications. Like all classics,
Farrari’s impeccable sparklers and style has caught the attention of fashion powerhouses like Prada, Eataly, MoMa and Kartell. This spring the winery is showing off their own mini in the form of the Rosé NV.

When contacted regarding the sample, I asked if Camilla would share some of her favorite recipes to pair with the wine. Below are two that she feels pairs beautifully.

Neapolitan Pizza
Ingredients for 4 people:
14oz cherry tomato sauce
1.5 oz extra virgin olive oil
½ oz salt
1 pinch of pepper
2 pinches of dried oregano
1 1/3 lb mozzarella cheese
½-1 lb cherry tomatoes
a bunch of fresh basil

For the pizza dough:
3.5oz flour 0
13oz flour 00
10oz water
½ tablespoon yeast
1 ½ tbspn salt
2 tbspn peanut oil
Knead all these ingredients except for the salt for 15 min; add the salt only at the end and then let the dough rest covered by a kitchen towel for 1 hour; afterwards add to the dough:
3 ¼ cups flour 00
1/3 cup water
Cover the dough with a kitchen towel and let it rest for another hour; divide the dough into pieces of 6oz each, put them on a plate cover them with plastic wrap and leave them in the fridge for an entire night. The day after take them out of the fridge, let them rise for 3 hours and then roll them out obtaining disks of 11 inch diameter each leaving more dough on the edge in order to make the characteristic crust once cooked.

Season the cherry tomato sauce with salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and dry oregano, spread the tomato sauce on the pizza, cook them in the oven at 570 F° for two minutes before removing from the oven. Add the mozzarella cheese. Just before serving add the halved cherry tomatoes and basil.

Milanese Veal Cutlet with Ferrari Rosé

Milanese Veal Cutlet with Ferrari Rosé

Milanese Veal Cutlet
Chef advice:
Instead of cutting the basil with a knife, break it into small pieces by hand directly on the pizza. This way the basil will maintain its fantastic smell!

Ingredients for 4 people:
4 veal cutlets of 7oz each
½ pound bread for toasting
3 egg yolks
1 egg
2 hearts of romaine lettuce
8 leaves of chervil
8 leaves of tarragon
Aged wine vinegar
Unrefined salt

Take off the crust from the sliced bread and put all the bread in a blender in order to make a powder not too thin then put it in the oven at 175°F for 2 hours.
Mix together the egg with the yolks in a bowl. Place the veal in the egg solution and then into the breading making sure to press enough to ensure a consistent coating of the veal. Cook the veal in clarified butter, keeping a steady temperature, till the veal is a toasted golden brown.
The perfect Milanese veal cutlet should be medium rare, which means each piece of meat weighing around 7oz should cook about 8 to 10 minutes.
Wash the romaine lettuce, dry and slice it in half lengthwise, dress it with a little salt and vinegar, or lemon juice, and place it next to the veal with a final garnish of chervil and tarragon.

Chef Advice:
Instead of squeezing lemon directly on the cutlet, accompany this dish with sliced vegetables and fruit dressed with aged vinegar. This trick maintains the meat’s flavor and retains the acidity needed to cleanse the palate.

While most of the country is digging out from Old Man Winter’s latest blast, crack open a bottle of Ferrari Rosé, light a fire and snuggle up, even if it’s to your favorite pet or wine glass.


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