Banrock Station Pink Muscato 2012

I finally got my wish for snow. My husband also wanted a snow day, maybe anotherSnow on trees in front yard   Snowmegeddon as the great Atlanta snowstorm of 2010 is referred. What we both didn’t count on is it would hit while my husband was at work. He attempted to leave, got about a mile in one hour, turned around and hunkered down for the night at work. He’s lucky, so many others spent the night in their cars or abandoned their car and hiked to a safe place. Maybe there’s a reason Atlanta is called Hotlanta, snow is not their thing.
Typically the winter weather has me drinking a ton of reds and very little whites. In the past week I’ve been hankering for white wines in my glass. I’m not saying I’m ready for spring or hot temps but I am ready to lighten up my wine selections and Banrock Station Pink Muscato 2012 was a perfect fit.

banrock_station_logoLight pink in color, floral rose and honey aromas. On the palate the wine shows refreshing acidity and a bit of fizz with sweet flavors of honey, fig and rose. I would pair with an array of cheeses; blue cheese gorgonzola would be perfect. Steak salad with summer greens would also pair well.

Region: Australia
Acidity: 5.5 to 7.5g/l
Alcohol: 6%
pH: 3.0 to 3.
SRP: $8-$9

Want to give back to the environment? So does Banrock, that’s why a portion of sales for every bottle goes into one of their worldwide environmental projects. Here’s a peek at some of their conservation efforts:
US: Focus is on conserving natural assets from the Florida Everglades to Appalachian Trail Conservancy in New Hampshire.
Canada: Restoring salmon to Lake Ontario
Denmark: Bird-hide construction and wetland restoration at Egå Engsø, Aarhus County, and Bird-hide construction at Rebjerg Lake at Skovsgaard castle, Langelands.
UK: The Eden Project demonstrates how to use sustainable and environmentally friendly gardening practices.
Australia: Conserving the country’s wetlands and waterways by managing a dry phase for the Banrock Station wetland. Vital to vegetation and soil health, when the wetlands are flooded this provides a breeding trigger for the animals and other creatures that make the wetlands their home.

We’re supposed to have a high of 40 today and I can see the snow slowly melting on surfaces. My husband, Rooster and I took a short walk today. We stayed on the shoulder or on the packed snow to avoid icy spots. Places where the sun hits there were no problems but we had to turn back once we hit a hill that was covered in snow and ice. The snow is slowly receding from the deck and other surfaces but still covers much of the ground. Rooster loves it, Daisy (our cat) isn’t sure what to make of it and the chickens don’t seem to be fans at all.
Stay warm all y’all!

Chicken coopRooster and iciclesWoods Woods


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