Rock and Vine, Next Generation Changemakers in America’s Wine Country

Every year it’s the same challenge. Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. You Rock and Vinedon’t    want something that will end up in the bottom of a drawer or worse re-gifted to you two years later. Well maybe you do want it re-gifted to you if you’re a wine enthusiast and you get Chelsea Prince’s Rock and Vine, Next Generation Changemakers in America’s Wine Country.

If you have a wine lover on your list it can be tough to find a gift they will appreciate and something they don’t already have. If your wine lover is just beginning their wine journey good wine glasses, a good waiter’s key and other wine accessories are essential. However, if you’re like me, you have all the wine glasses and accessories you can store. Wine enthusiasts, those that not only want to consume the luscious juice but also want to be engulfed in history and knowledge of Sonoma and Napa wine will be thrilled to receive Rock and Vine, Next Generation Changemakers in America’s Wine Country.

Christina Turley - Turley Wine Cellars

It’s no secret California has a history for making great wines. But it is amazing when you realize that history is just a few decades long mostly dating back to the 1970’s. While many founding winemakers have already gone to that great vineyard in the sky, others are passing the torch. Enter the next generation of California winemakers. Some learned the craft from family members, others learned while working with legends in winemaking, Prince’s book covers eleven treasured stories from the well known to the up and coming.

You’ll read fascinating stories from members of the Mondavi, Wagner, Peterson, Sebastiani families and more. Some of the newcomers range from reality TV stars (The Bachelor), innovators in wine kegs and those banking on the hot new trend of internet sales.

Morgan-Peterson Bedrock Wine Co.I’ve had the opportunity to sample several of the wines mentioned and meet a few of the wine rock stars. During one very special event in 2010 I was able to experience Ravenswood wines from the Bedrock Vineyards the first vineyard, founder Joel Peterson, purchased. Morgan Peterson, Joel’s son, took the name Bedrock for his own line of wines.

I tasted the Bedrock Wines at a PR event and just this year joined the waitlist just to get on the mailing list. A few weeks ago I received an email advising me there was a small allotment of Bedrock wines now available for purchase. I jumped at the chance and as I write this my wines should be on their way to my wine mailbox. Santa Clause is coming early this year.

As mentioned above the book revolves around the next generation of winemakers, those homeport-hillswho grew up as part of California’s founding winemaking families and those that are blazing their own trail. The winemakers were chosen through careful consideration and no one over the age of 35 is featured. The stories of the winemakers are remarkable and the photos of the winemakers and the region by Mary Steinbacher are stunning making this a truly wonderful addition to any wine lovers collection.

While I was checking out the Rock and Vine website I came upon the bottle tab where you’ll find links to the wineries covered in the book. Once there you’ll have the opportunity to purchase many of the wines at a variety of price points. I bought three bottles from BNA Wine Group. I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve tasted.

Rock and Vine can be purchased on their website or on Amazon for $28.95.

A portion of each purchase will be donated to Wine to Water™ a non-profit organization focused on providing clean water to people around the world.


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