Louis Jadot and Chateau Des Morgon Beajuolais

Soon the dishes will be cleared, washed, dried and put back in it place. The big game will be on the TV while family and friends sink comatose like into the couches and chairs their pants a little more snug than before. The he remnants of the Thanksgiving feast will be scrubbed off your stove top and you’re fridge will soon look like a Jenga puzzle with stacks of left-overs.

If you’re like many families you eat your Thanksgiving meal early in the day, only to pull all the food out again for a more casual meal that may include delicious turkey sandwiches. This is really my favorite way to eat turkey, cold with a respectable amount of Dukes mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and smear of spicy mustard. No reason not to pair some wine with that sandwich and left-overs and I have two Beajuolais’ that are the perfect accompaniment.

Louis Jadot VillagesLouis Jadot Beajuolais – Villages 2011
Deep purple color with aromas of blackberry, cherry and leather (I love this aroma in a wine). Abundance of strawberry and cherry flavors with a hint of spicy pepper.  Dry, firm tannins with a lingering berry finish. The tannins create a nice structural backbone but isn’t so overpowering that delicate meats such as turkey will be lost. This wine would pair wonderfully with turkey sandwiches and fresh cranberry relish.

Beaujolais Villages is made with a blend of young wines using 100% Gamay grapes from local growers and wine from the Regnié Cru, the youngest of Crus added in 1988. The wine is not meant to age so consume within 5 years.

Chateau Des Jacques MorgonChateau Des Jacques Morgon  2011
Fragrant strawberry and leather aromas combine with an abundance of dark fruits flavors such as plum and blackberry. Medium to full bodied the wine pairs well with fowl or cheese appetizers.
Varietal: 100% Gamay
Appellation: Morgon
pH: 3.49
Acidity: 3.44 g/L
ABV: 13%
Aging: 50% of the wine aged 10 months in oak barrels, 15% new.
Purchased by Maison Louis Jadot in 2001 the vineyard is located on the slopes over the village of Villié Morgon, 1 of 10 Beaujolais crus. The wine can be consumed young or aged up to 10 years.

This Thanksgiving and Hanukkah will see a little nasty weather in much of the country this year. Don’t forget to get extra wine, who knows how long you’ll be stuck inside with relatives.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah!!!


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