Confessions of a Foodie and Wino

For years now I’ve been struggling with my weight. Actually I’ve struggled with it all my

These are a few of my favorite things.

These are a few of my favorite things.

life. In high school, I stayed thin by not eating. Sure I’d faint or come close to it several times a week but at least I was thin. In college I only gained 5lbs vs. the freshman 15, this brought my 5’10 frame up to a whopping 122lbs. Yes, still very much underweight but I felt fat and would deprive myself on a regular basis.
But something happened after college, I stopped going to dance clubs and dancing off my alcohol calories and started going to bars where I’d sit for hours with friends drinking and just having fun. But now the calories had nowhere to go except my butt, hips and stomach.

Oh I’d do diets and lose some weight but like so many others I’d soon gain it back and more. I exercised, took up running, which I never enjoyed much at all, and I would lose inches. Weight stayed pretty much the same but I’d go down in clothing sizes. But work got too hectic and I stopped going to the gym and never picked it up again.
For the past few years since we’ve had our dog, Rooster, who requires daily walks my weight has stayed the same. I guess it’s better than going up but I really want it to go

More of my favorite things

More of my favorite things

I’m not a gym person, I know I won’t go so I’m not going to buy a membership. So I need to figure out how to incorporate just a little more exercise, I’m thinking weights/strength training and more importantly how to cut out the empty calories, that stick to your butt, hips, thighs and everywhere else, and here’s the big one, how to cut down on my beloved wine…gasp (cue dramatic organ music).
I don’t mind telling you the thought of giving up my nightly wine time with my husband saddens me. I truly consider wine to be a food group and one in which I enjoy several servings of nightly. Some nights, I enjoy a few more servings than others but lately we have kept it to one bottle, so what if it’s a 1.5 liter. Ok, just joking.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because I want to be accountable and somewhere to record by successes (hopefully I have them) and my failures (hopefully there are less of these). I specifically did not make this a New Year’s resolution because I think that just sets a person up to fail. I need to make small changes so it doesn’t seem like a punishment and will become more of the norm rather than a big change. So the date I’m choosing is Feb 1. My birthday is on the 22nd, so hopefully I’ll see just a few pounds difference by that date.
Here are the things I will struggle with consuming less:
Pasta – I know whole wheat is better but I literally have dozens of boxes and bags of pasta in my basement pantry.
Bread – I’m fine with buying wheat for everyday sandwiches but my husband bakes our baguettes, rolls and specialty breads.

Here’s what I won’t have any problem giving up:
Sweets – any kind. Chocolate, ice cream, cookies, etc, not my thing. Sure I have them occasionally but it’s rare.
Junk food – not my thing either.
Fast Food – ugh, it’s barely food and I don’t eat the crap anyway.

So there you have it, the things I love have made me fat! Stay tuned, I hope to have some successes to share in the upcoming months!
Until then, I’ll be enjoying some wine, cheese and pasta.


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