2013 Sea Glass Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir

I’m unbearably homesick and feeling very nostalgic this year. While walking Rooster down

Granny's Christmas Ornaments

Granny’s Christmas Ornaments

our deserted country road, I began thinking back on all my Christmases and I long for those from my childhood. Not the presents really but the people and the magic. Because in the 1970’s, Christmas still was magical to me.

In school I remember coloring mimeograph copies, you know the ones that felt wet and cool and had that sweet chemical smell. Always the same images of wreathes, holly, candles, snowmen and Santa. We’d decorate the classroom tree, which always had the ugliest glass ornaments. We’d string garland we made with strips of paper, glitter and glue and there was an aroma of baking cookies wafting from the school cafeteria.

At home we’d put the tree up a week before Christmas. I grew up in SW Florida so live trees didn’t last too long. I remember one year while at the tree lot a truck pulled up full of fresh trees and snow! Ah, snow! I grabbed a handful, made the best snowball I could and tossed it at my mom. It was great. Then later at night we’d drive around and look at Christmas lights.

060Christmas Eve was like a party. My mom would make her version of Swedish meatballs, crudité (I’d eat all the cucumber and green pepper) trays of mini chocolate Santas, mini cheesecakes, cold cuts, cheese and more.

My Granny would fly down to spend Christmas with us. my great-aunt Bobby and my uncle Sam, my aunt and uncle and extended family members always came over on Christmas Eve. I loved having all those people around and I think that’s what I miss the most now. The tree is up, the house is decorated in reds and greens but I feel blue.

Blue, hey that reminds me of a really great wine I recently had, 2013 Sea Glass SantaSea Glass Barbara County Pinot Noir.

Dark fruits, tobacco and cocoa aromas. Bright red berries and cherry flavors, full bodied with firm tannins and a smokey finish. I can’t remember where I found this wine but it was under $15. I think I’ll seek out another bottle since that brought some happiness to my glass.

We paired with smoked pulled pork served over polenta cakes, topped with Italian gravy and fresh basil. The smokiness of the pork and the wine were a divine intermingle of flavors.

The only technical info I could find was on the 2012 so I don’t have any additional info to share.

Almost a week has passed since I started this post. Got a little busy with work so everything else took a backseat. My husband and I attended out local theater’s production of White Christmas on Sunday. If you have a local theater in your area I urge you to take in a show. The talent can really be amazing and you can probable get tickets for under $20 each. I love supporting my new area through local owned restaurants, stores and the theater. Speaking to my BFF today I told her how blue I was and she reminded me I live in an amazing area. Surrounded by The Blue Ridge Mountains, wineries, waterfalls, meandering creeks and rivers and to top it off, I have an amazing husband. Yeah, I guess I have it pretty good.


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