Kumbaya Red Wine Blend Sonoma County 2011

Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya, Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya, Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya, KumbayaOh Lord, kumbaya. When I hear those famous lyrics by Peter, Paul & Mary, I immediately begin slowly swaying left and right. That song seems to make everything slow down, it’s calming, centering, even to a non-religious person such as myself.

I was born in the 1970’s so I missed much of the hippie era but if I’d been around and old enough, I know I could have been a part of this counter-culture. Maybe not to the point of sleeping in vans or run-down buildings but the music, the clothing and the huh, horticulture, yea that’s good, horticulture. Anyway I would have been a part of this revolution.

But since I missed that time and while all things come back again the trippy hippy revival of the 90’s was really just about fashion. Lucky for me and you, there’s a really nice wine that captures this spirit, Kumbaya Red Wine Blend Sonoma County 2011.

Aromas of cherry, plum and spicy vanilla. Medium bodied with vibrant red cherry, blackberry flavors. Smooth and silky with a lingering cherry finish.

Varietal blend: 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 24% Zinfandel, 6% Syrah, 2% Petite Sirah, 8% other varietals
Region: 83% Lodi, 10% California, 5% Dry Creek Valley
TA: 0.59%
pH: 3.60%
ABV: 13.5%
SRP: $8.99

The red blend takes different varitals and brings them together in harmony. Each does their part to bring something to the party. Cabernet Sauvignon provides the backbone and structure along with finesse and complexity. Zinfandel provides jammy and spicy red fruit flavors. Syrah adds aromatic, warm spicy notes and a lengthy finish and Petite Sirah adds dark berry flavors and depth.

Like traveling vagabonds, the good folks at Kumbaya searched California’s primo growing regions for the perfect synergy and harmonious grapes. From the Sacramento River Delta in Lodi to North Coast’s, Dry Creek Valley and then up to the Northernmost climate cool regions of San Joachim Valley. The far out climates allow the grapes to mellow out and hang on the vine until they’re peaking, I mean ready for picking.

I must have been channeling my inner hippie, the same weekend I cracked this one open I tie dyed a few things. Was a lot of fun and not as messy as I anticipated. Now I want to tie dye everything.

Gladys and the ChicksChick update: Gladys is being a very good mother hen to her now down to 5 chicks. We lost a baby hen on Tuesday to a nasty cat. That leaves us with 4 roosters we can’t keep and 1 hen. Anyone need some roosters?

If it feels good do it!: Don’t be inhibited, explore what life has in store for you.


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