Bonny Doon Black & White & Red All Over, Central Coast 2011

This year’s Wine Blogger’s Conference is being held in July in Santa Barbara County. I’m sitting this one out and spending vacation time with my husband this year. Though I loved exploring areas I was familiar with and love as well as new areas, I decided this year the new and the old travel should be with my hubby. Plus I was really hoping on making it to Europe, sigh, maybe next year.

I attended my first Wine Blogger’s Conference in 2012, in Portland. Randall Grahm, 11_SyrahViognier_label_front.epswinemaker for Bonny Doon Vineyard, opened the conference with a humorous account on his life in the wine industry. Earlier this year I decided to join the Bonny Doon wine club. One of my early deliveries, Bonny Doon Black & White & Red, Central Coast 2011.

The aromas are dark and black full of cassis, blackberry, black plum and vanilla. The wine is full bodied with soft and supple tannins. Flavors are full of more black fruits and a heady floral flavor that reminds me of hibiscus.

Appellation: Central Coast
Varietal: 81% syrah, 16% viognier, 3% grenache
Alcohol: 12%
TA: 5.8 g/L
pH: 3.82
Serving Temp: 58º F
Cellaring: Drinkable upon release (November 2013), 7-10 years ageability
SRP: $26

In 1979, Grahm earned a degree in Plant Services from University of California at Davis. With help from his family, he purchased land in the Santa Cruz Mountains in an area known as Bonny Doon. From there he set out to conquer Pinot Noir but found the grape to be a little temperamental. He soon found himself emerged in Rhône and Italian varietals, earning him the moniker, the Rhône Ranger. Grahm eventually planted Syrah, Roussanne, Marsanne, and Viognier proving the climate was well suited to more than just the usual suspects.

I know many of my co-bloggers will soon be plotted which after parties to attend and how to hit as many as possible. I was fortunate enough to attend an after party in Randall Grahm’s room and had the opportunity to sample several varietals. It took me awhile but I did finally become a wine club member. I look forward to the colorful labels and wacky names but most importantly to the beautifully crafted wines each bottle contains.


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