Faustino VII Tempranillo Rioja

I’ve been MIA for the past two weeks and I can’t believe how much my surroundings outdoors have changed. The Dogwood are still flowering but each day have more leaves View from Swingthan flowers. The great oaks standing outside my living room window have small leaves and tassels hanging that remind me of jewelry popular in the 60’s and 70’s and now the pines are getting in on the act with their pollen filled cones.

Another sign spring is here, the amount of pollen covering my floors, railings and every surface indoors and out. And finally, the warmer temps, this weekend my husband built a frame for the swing that once hung on our front porch. See the picture to the right to see my new hangout and the wonderful view.

Faustino RiojaDespite the pollen and the sneezing it may cause the warmer temps have allowed for more time sitting on the front porch in the early evening hours doing what I love to do, sip on wine. Which is where I enjoyed a recent sample of Faustino VII Tempranillo Rioja from Bodegas Faustino. The wine is priced right at around $7.99.

Deep garnet in the glass with aromas of ripe plum, blackberry and oak. Ripe fruit, currant, blackberry, fig and a hint of vanilla. Medium bodied with firm tannins and a dry lingering finish. We paired with a platter of cured meats, Naked Goat cheese and olives.

Located in Oyon – Álava the winery has been producing wines for over 150 years.
As the largest vineyard owners in Rioja the winery supports 650 hectares in Rioja Alavesa in the North of Spain. Looking towards future generations the winery uses viticulturepractices that increase sustainability and reduce the stress on the land.

One practice is the use of precision viticulture geared towards optimizing vineyard Bodegas Faustinofunction by maximizing grape yield andquality. By recognizing local variances that influence growing conditions such as soil, microclimate, topography, etc the winery can apply appropriate viticulture practices such as pruning, ground cover, irrigation, suitable to that area. Precision agriculture is referred to as; doing the right thing, in the right place, at the right time.

Know what I did today? I put my winter wear away! I’ll keep a fleece pullover out since nights on the front porch can still get chilly but my sweaters and winter sleepwear have been stored away until the October. Growing up in SW Florida, I still find it strange to experience actual seasons and to know summer will only last three months. Ah, I really do love Mother Nature.


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