Incanto Rosé Frizzante

The slant of the sun shining through my windows hangs a little lower now, creatingIncanto shadows of dancing leaves the walls. The days are growing shorter and when night descends, darkness envelopes my surrounding woods giving the outdoors a spooky feel. Both a sure sign summer is fading and a new season is dawning.

I love living in an area with seasons. On a daily basis I witness changes not only seen but experienced through my olfactory system too. The air is perfumed with the sweet smell of the fading purple blooms from the butterfly bush in my front yard. The intoxicating smell of honeysuckle has reemerged with white flowering vines creeping up trees and bushes. While walking Rooster under the canopy of towering trees I take in the dank, damp scents of dirt and moss. The pasture areas are full of sweet hay and the mystery scent of peaches when I see no peach trees or orchards. It’s all so peaceful. Another peaceful feeling is sitting on my on my porch sipping Incanto Rosé Frizzante. I really like saying frizzante, I feel so Italian.

Slightly effervescent, pink in color with cherry, raspberry and strawberry aromas. Tingly berry flavors with pronounced strawberry and a hint of tannins are a result of the use of Raboso grapes. Produced for Trader Joe’s by a well-respected Italian wine producer Incanto is a bit of Tuscany in a glass. As with most wines produced for Trader Joe’s the name of the winemaker is under lock and key. But for $6.99, that’s ok, all you need to know is it tastes wonderful.

Raboso, is a red grape primarily grown in northeastern Italy around Vento producing deep colored wine, high tannins and low alcohol content. Frizzante wines have small bubbles with a tingle which help to cut through a wine’s sweetness. Since frizzante wines are not as effervescent as champagne many wine drinkers who are put off by the bubbles in other sparklers may find frizzantes a good alternative.

If you’re interesting in other types of frizzante look for Lambrusco, Vinho Verde and Moscato d’Asti.

I know, I know this is another short post. Blame it on my day job getting in the way. But I promise there will be a great two part series coming up on a local winery and the area I now call home.

It’s amazing how many of my friends or friends of family vacation or have moved to my little patch of heaven. I’ve moved from one popular vacation spot to another. Growing up in Cape Coral, FL within spitting distance of Ft.MyersBeach, Sanibel and CaptivaIsland I understood the draw to the white sand beaches. Tampa was a good place to go shopping, bar hop, see a show, catch a sporting event or ride some roller coasters and enjoy a few beers while watching wild animals. Now the draw are the mountains, waterfalls, wineries, small towns, hiking trails, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, tubing down rivers and panning for gold and so many others.


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