Montinore Borealis: The Northern Whites 2011 Willamette Valley Table White Wine

Mother Nature can be a real bitch sometimes. She nurtures us by providing warm Montinore sunshine and rain which trees soak up and make oxygen for us to breathe. She also helps produce the food we eat, flowers we admire and the grass we feel beneath our feet as we frolic in the warm summer months. All of these help nourish our bodies and souls.

Then there are the times we experience her fury and the ominous power she holds and in those times she reminds us who is in control of weather conditions on our planet. Good or bad, it’s important we retain respect for Mother Nature, for as much devastation as she unleashes, she is vital to our existence.

Flipping through my list of wines I struggled to find something fitting for my saddened mood until I came across Borealis The Northern Whites from Montinore Estates.

Stone and green fruit aromas of peach and green apple with a hint of floral and grassy notes. Crisp and fruity green apple, pear with a refreshing tart lime finish. Great balance of acidity and sugars and perfect for a Memorial Day celebration.

Montinore wines are available nationwide and certified organic by Stellar Certification Services.

Varietal – 38% Riesling, 24% Müller-Thurgau, 23% Pinot Gris, 15% Gewürztraminer all certified organic grapes.
Alcohol – 11.6%
pH – 3.56
TA – 6.70 g/l
RS – 1.20%

Lured to Oregon from the East Coast, Rudy Marchesi had a passion for wine nourished by his Italian grandparents. Oregon where was he chose to hone his winemaking skills while focusing on growing organic grapes and winemaking onsite.

Last August I had the chance to visit the Montinore Estate as part of a Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC) pre-excursion to Willamette Valley. Montinore Estate is one of the largest producers of biodynamic/organic wines using Demeter Certified Biodynamic farming methods. Using these methods allows the vineyard team to gently coax the true flavors and variances from the grapes.

The vineyard is located in the far north side of Willamette Valley protected by the Coastal Mountain Range to the west. The loamy clay soil, elevation and long cool growing season allows for expressive Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Gewürtztraminer, Riesling and more.

Each evening my husband and I sit on our front porch, wine glass in hand and we watch Deer Camthe wild life on our wooded property. Earlier this week we were treated to a herd of white tailed deer feeding and then bedding down for the evening. We’ve also found plenty of nests with eggs and then tiny birds, heads held high, mouths open waiting for mama to give them food. I guess Mother Nature’s kind and gentle for the most time, just hurts so many when she’s in a fury.


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