Valentine’s Day Bubbly Part Deux – Biltmore Estate Pas de Deux Méthode Champenoise–Sec

Remember how fun Valentine’s Day was as a kid? Maybe it’s the girly girl in me but I lovedBiltmore Pas de Deux making Valentine’s Day “mail boxes” out of paper bags and decorating them with red, pink and purple hearts. We would then hang them from our desks or from the wall and I would carefully plan which card would be given to each classmate from my box of cards. I would include a few heart candies with words of affection printed on them, others would get a handful of red hots.
As I got older I, like many others, began to think of the day as a holiday created and promoted by the greeting card and chocolate companies. It does have me wondering, why do we set aside just one day out of the year to express our love for our significant other? I’m grateful my husband and I express our love for each other throughout the year and I hope you do to. One way to make it Valentine’s Day any day of the year, a bottle of bubbly, like Biltmore Estate Pas de Deux.

Pear, crisp apple and rose aromas. Fruit forward with tiny effervescent bubbles and flavors of sweet Asian pear, honey and a hint of Biscotti in the finish.
Varietal – Muscat Canelli
Region – California (Monterey, Arroyo, Seco)
pH – 3.00
TA – 0.68
Residual Sugar – 2.5%
Alcohol – 13.2%
Normally priced at $18.99 but if you shop online now, you can pick up a bottle for just $14.99.

The PR notes I received tell the story of George Vanderbilt and his wife Edith. George and Edith ran in the same circles for years but had a chance encounter in 1897 at a party for the Queen’s Jubilee in London. In April 1898 the couple announced their engagement and wed in Paris just months later. Can you imagine anything more romantic than being married in Paris?
Upon returning to the states Edith was introduced to the manor where should would reside as woman of the house. I know if it were me, I’d be very thankful for all the estate workers as there’s no way I would want to manage that home on my own. In the years that followed George and Edith held many celebrations complete with fine wine and delectable dishes.
I’m sure Edith and George would approve of this sparkling and would share it with their many affluent friends. Well ok, maybe they could afford to drink the really pricy stuff but my wallet in no way resembles a Vanderbilt’s so I’ll stick with the affordable juice. Maybe this would be their everyday bubbly.

Speaking of delectable dishes, we paired the sparkler with a slow cooked pork butt, mac & cheese and mustard greens. It was a Southern Sunday dinner after all.

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