Las Rocas De San Alejandro Garnacha Spain 2009

Yep, I admit it. I judged a wine by it’s label and left it sitting in my “cellar” for years. Las RocasMaybe it was to my and the wine’s benefit but all I know is it was a very pleasant surprise when I finally opened my bottle of Las Rocas De San Alejandro Garnacha. Since I’ve reduced my wine intake recently it’s all the more important that I score some “toe curling” good wines for my evening sipping.

As I lift the glass to take in the aromas I’m delighted by a bouquet of plum, dark fruits and spice. Flavors of black berry with just the right amount of jamminess, luscious velvety smooth fruit driven with a long pepper finish. I think I’m in wine heaven and with a retail price of $9.99, I return to this heaven as often as I like.

Founded as a cooperative in 1962, Bodegas San Alejandro has an annual average production of 4.600.000 Kilos, maintained and cultivated by more than 350 local growers. Located in the town of Miedes the winery commits to the standards of the Denominacíon de Origen (DO) of the Calatayud wine region.

DO regulations state growers must produce wines with indigenous grape varieties, such as the Garnacha grape which make up two thirds of Calatayud’s production. Large grapes with thin skins, high sugar and low acidity, the wines are seldom deep in color but usually very full bodied.

The region benefits from a varied elevation ranging from 1,800 to 3,600 feet with nearly 20 different soil compositions including chalk, clay, limestone and marl, a lime rich mudstone. The higher the elevation the more the terrain turns into shattered rock and slate, giving the wine its name, Las Rocas. Due to the rocky nature of the soils the vines struggle to survive thus concentrating into fewer clusters with rich bold flavors.

Mother Nature served much of the South and East Coast a wallop yesterday. Thankfully nothing major in my area just a very tense afternoon waiting for the line of storms to arrive. I am saddened for my neighbors to the west in Adairsville and Calhoun, Georgia and areas to the east who suffered much loss and devastation. If you live in a surrounding area you can help without taking out your checkbook by making donations to local charities in the form of clothing, old appliances, kitchen gadgets no longer in use or anything that will help people in the area start over again.


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