Naked Winery Tease Riesling Rogue Valley 2009

Naked. That one little word can conjure images of sensual arousal or utter horror. Naked Winery TeaseBeautiful sculpted bodies, good naked. Saggy, wrinkled bodies, bad naked. Wines from Naked Winery, good naked. Watching the hot pool guy take off his shirt and strip down to skivvies on a hot day, good naked. Catching Grandma coming out of the shower, bad naked. Drinking delicious wines from Naked Winery, good naked. You get the picture here. If you’re going to get naked, play it safe and pick up a bottle of Naked Winery Tease Riesling.

Peach and succulent white fruit aromas. Semi sweet flavors of candied fruits and crisp red apple comingle with a tantalizing acidic balance. I found the longer the wine was in the glass the more I detected delicate floral notes. Paired with spicy Thai noodles the wine served well to put out the fire.

Appellation – Rogue Valley
Varietal – 100% Riesling
RS – 1.50%
Aging – 100% Stainless Steel
Alcohol – 12%
SRP – $20

Located in Hood River, OR, Naked Winery’s motto, “We aim to tease”, encourages you to set the mood for fun or romantic tryst. The winery is on a mission to reduce America’s divorce rate by 50%, encouraging couples to shut off the TV and share a glass of wine each evening. Sounds a lot more fun that marriage counseling to me.

Grapes are sourced from Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley. The 70 miles wide and 60 miles long region comprises two AVA’s, the Applegate and Illinois Valley. Tease grapes are sourced from the Illinois Valley where steep elevations of 2,000 feet and higher create a cool climate suitable for Riesling grapes.

I’m on a steep climb of my own. Last week I started on a new lifestyle journey involving more exercise, healthy eating throughout the day and gasp, a reduction in wine consumption. I thought the last would be the hardest but really I’ve been doing pretty well. I of course have not given up the glass and hope I never have to but I have reduced the number of glasses I tip in the evening. Something very hard for a wino like myself to accomplish but the numbers on the scale keep me encouraged.

Last three days have been rough since it’s been raining and Rooster and I haven’t been able to get our walks in. We finally were able to get outside and discovered many little “creeks” running along the road. The real creeks have swelled to rivers and today’s forecast….snow!

I know I’ll be out trying to catch snow flakes but I think I’ll keep my clothes on. Frost bite is always bad but in some places, it’s just bad naked.

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