Naked Winery Merlot and Toad Hollow NV Risque French Sparkling Wine

Looking at ads and commercials for Halloween costumes it’s apparent, the holiday is not just for kiddies. Based on some of the “adult” costumes I’ve seen “pimped”, you’d think an over 21 identification would be required just to look at them. If you’re not into  plunging bust lines and hemlines that creep further up the uh, leg, than should be allowed for your age, grab a couple of glasses and a bottle of Naked Winery Merlot or Toad Hollow Risqué and you won’t be ashamed of yourself in the morning.

Naked Winery Naked Merlot 2009
Red fruit aromas of strawberry, cherry and toasty vanilla. Medium-bodied with flavors of plum and leather combine with medium tannins and a long acidic finish. Wonderful balance between red fruit and tannins.

Located in Hood   River, OR, Naked Winery’s motto, “We aim to tease”, encourages you to set the mood for fun or romantic tryst. Naked Merlot is their signature wine, sourcing grapes grown in the ColumbiaValley region of Washington. After the Trick or Treaters have been tucked into their beds, grab your significant other, get a little Naked and have your own little Trick or Treat party.

Varietal – 100% Merlot
Appellation – ColumbiaValley
Alcohol – 13.6%
Aging – 12 mos in American Oak
SRP – $25

Toad Hollow  NV Risqué French Sparkling Wine
Crisp and fruity pear, sweet Red Delicious apple and honey flavors. With just 6% alcohol it’s not as risqué as it sounds and you won’t end up dancing in the street naked. Instead, stay indoors and have a little fun of your own.

Using the Méthode Ancestrale also known at the traditional method or méthode champenoise the effervescence is produced by secondary fermentation in the bottle. Typically reserved for sparklers produced in the Champagne region, the process is slightly more complex, more expensive and produces wine that is slightly sweeter as the wine is bottled prior to the residual sugar converting into alcohol. This also gives the wine a lower alcohol content and less effervescence than other methods.

Varietal – 100% Mauzac
Acidity 4.5 g /100ml
Residual Sugar 7%
Barrel Aging – None
Alcohol 6%
SRP – $14.99

Halloween may be fun and games but I’m living in my own nightmare with a bathroom remodel gone awry and a general contractor unwilling to take responsibility. While my husband and I work to remove the terror in the bathroom, we may have to set aside some time to get a little naked and naughty, in our wine choices that is. Happy Halloween Y’all!

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