FishEye Sweet Red Wine

Just a few weeks ago I was going a little stir crazy and decided it was time to book some small vacations for the summer. I went from going no where to being a little overbooked. I found out this week that I have been awarded a full scholarship to attend the Wine Blogger’s Conference in Portland, OR in August. I have now gone from having zero trips planned to four from mid July to Labor Day. Portland, Asheville and Boone better get ready, because I’m coming. The scholarship award was truly a surprise, much like my most recent wine sample, FishEye Sweet Red Wine.

I don’t typically like sweet wines and I find FishEye wines to be geared toward the younger wine drinkers. But I have to say I took a sip, expecting my teeth to rattle around and found, it wasn’t overly sweet like I expected.

Dark ripe plum aromas, flavors of blackberry jam are prominent with a long soft finish. Not very dimensional so I don’t think I could drink more than one glass of this one but it would be great made into Sangria. We enjoyed with nothing but the warm Georgia air while sitting on our front porch.

Appellation – South Eastern Australia
Alcohol – 13.5%
Varietal – Red Table Wine

For more info on FishEye, click here.

Well, started this post four days ago but my paying gig has really made me work for my paycheck this week. If I don’t wrap it up now, I’ll never get this one out.

Stay tuned have some exciting trips coming up and one will be all about the wine.

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