Georges Duboeuf Fleurie – Flower Label – Beaujolais 2010

Georges Duboeuf Fleurie – Flower Label – Beaujolais 2010 Seriously, what was I thinking?Georges Duboeuf Fleurie Flower Label Why didn’t I wait a month before beginning the next two writing courses? I don’t know how adults returning back to school, taking a full course load, working, managing a home and family do it. This week alone may do me in. I just have to breathe; this is the only week all four classes will overlap. Wonder why they don’t just wait until the first set of courses are finished to begin the next set? As far as I’m concerned it’s the University’s poor planning! Last night I was so tired I could barely lift my wine glass, but I did manage to sample a little wine, Georges Duboeuf Fleurei.

The first whiff was pure heaven, full of heady red roses, cherry and bark. Flavors are delicate and floral, this is a wine I would describe as “pretty”. I found the wine to be dry not in the cheeks where I tend to pick up dryness but more on my tongue. It wasn’t a turn off though because I find a lot of Beaujolais a little too meek and mild. Made from 100% Gamay and priced around $18, it was a nice departure from the typical Beaujolais.

After 40 years of honing his Beaujolais winemaking craft, Georges Duboeuf, is regarded as the reigning King of Beaujolais. This information I retrieved from the Georges Duboeuf winery website. “Born in 1933 in Pouilly-Fuissé, the son of a winegrower, Georges began selling his family’s wines from the back of his bicycle to now-legendary local chefs such as Paul Bocuse and Paul Blanc. In 1964, Georges realized his dream and founded his own company: Les Vins Georges Duboeuf.” Developing strong relationships with the regions top growers allows Georges to be involved in all facets of his winery. Annual sales now top 30 million bottles making Georges Duboeuf one France’s best known wine brands.

I know this blog post is really short and I do apologize. I started this post last week and still have some courses to go through along with assignments before my in-laws arrive tomorrow from Denmark. In between the course work there’s the usual crunch of getting your home ready for house guests. Laundry, dusting, de-pollinating the floors and of course ensuring the we’re well stocked with wine! If you would like to send samples for my review, please contact me at

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