Waterstone Study in Blue, Napa Valley Red Blend 2007

Ever feel like you’ve bitten off a little more than you can chew? This week I’m designing a Waterstone Study in Bluenew website, finishing two Adult Ed courses, beginning two more, trying to get a jump on the next three blogs and getting ready for my in-laws visit beginning next week. I’m starting to feel just a tiny bit stressed, ok I’m feeling a little more than just a tiny bit, I may just get to full blown panic mode in the next four days. It’s enough to make anyone turn to drink! My choice of course would be wine and I would turn to Waterstone Study in Blue, Napa Valley Red Blend 2007.

Blueberry jam, oak and tobacco on the nose. Flavors of black pepper, blackberry and plum combine with well structured tannins and fine acidity. This is a wine that will lift your spirits after a stressful day at the office or in my case the homestead. Priced at $45 it is what I would consider a special occasion wine. But like I say a special occasion can be anything you want; it’s Friday, the in-laws are here, the in-laws are leaving, you get the picture.

Varietal – 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Syrah, 10% Merlot
Appellation – Napa Valley
Alcohol – 14.8%
TA -0.61 g/100ml
pH – 3.75
Oak Aging – 24 months
Oak Cooperage – French oak, 80% new
Production – 1,050 cases
SRP – $45

Waterstone Winery formed in 2000 as collaboration between veteran winemaker Philip Zorn and longtime wine executive Brent Shortridge. The goal was to produce luxury wines at affordable prices (obviously their wallets are a little deeper than mine). Wanting to focus on the winemaking versus the vineyards, the pair does not own the vineyards or the equipment used to make the wine. They lean on committed relationships with growers, since it’s not the winemaker that makes the wine good, it’s the quality grapes that are key to any winery’s success.

I do apologize for the short blog this week and the next two will be short as well. As I explained above the next three weeks are a bit hectic. But stay tuned, my husband is working on our chicken coop and we should have peeps a little after Easter!

If you would like to send samples for my review, please contact me at kstargaard@yahoo.com.

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